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Trial Access to JSTOR scientific content and media materials

Dear Students,

Between 20th May 2022 and 20th July 2022 we have access both to the general JSTOR database which lists general academic content and media database Artstor too, which contains media content. JSTOR's basic database includes more than 12 million journal articles, books, images, and other primary sources of information covering 75 academic fields. In addition to magazines and books, manuscripts, audio, video and multimedia materials from museums and archives are also on display.

The books and journals are mainly from American university publishers (Brill, Cornell University Press, De Gruyter, and University of California Press), but you can also find a number of Spanish content among them.

The most valuable part of this database is the research reports section. Research reports provide current analysis on many of today’s most hotly debated issues from a diversity of perspectives from all corners of the world. Topics include climate change, cybersecurity, energy policy, international relations, and terrorism. In the Artstor database you will find paintings, photographs, sculptures, works of applied art, manuscripts, maps, blueprints, floor plans from all over the world, all used for education and research.

The databases can be accessed from home via VPN connection! Registration on the sites only provide unique features (e.g. search history), you don’t need to login in order to use the databases!

We hope that you will find the database useful! Your feedback is always welcome!

We wish you succesful research and browsing!

The Librarians