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Thesis uploading period:
5th of April 2021. - 13th of May 2021.

Thesis Upload

Dear graduate students,

As it have happened in the previous years, You need to upload Your finished thesis to the library’s database.

First You should Register on the library’s Thesis Uploading web page with Your Neptun code.

Link to the site:

You can perform the upload via any home device, that has internet connection, or You can also visit the library to do so.

Click on the „Regisztráció” button to Register.

(„Név”- Full Name; „Neptun kód” - Neptun code; „E-mail cím” - E-mail adress; „Jelszó” - password 2x)

After the registration You will receive a confirmation e-mail with an activating code to the address, that You gave during the registration.

To activate Your registration,Type in Your Neptun code, password, and Activation code (received via confirmation e-mail)

To Enter the site  type in: Neptun code, and password.

Szakdolgozat feltöltése” Menu option, leads You to the Thesis uploading page, than fill out the given fields.

  1. Select the file from your divece and attach here.

    The document needs to contain

    • Title page of Your work (Your full name; Title of Your work; Your Consultant’s name; Year of Your submission etc.)
    •  Full text of Your work
    • Table of content of Your work
    • Annexes of Your thesis, if there is any.

    All this needs to form one single file.

    Acceptable file formats are: „.DOC” „.DOCX”„.PDF

    Type in the following information:

  2. Title of Your thesis
  3. Your Studied Major
  4. Your Studied Specialization
  5. Choose at least two subject words, that define Your work best.

    (Here You need to think of key words, as if You were to find Your thesis in a database. What word, would You search by to find Your thesis? Subject word: is a term that has to be short and to the point, no more than two and three words.)

  6. In the empty fields You can type, more specific subject words, in case You have not found it in the previous list of subjects.

    (The first list also works as an example, for You to figure out Your own, personalised subject words.)

  7. When You’re finished click on the green button, to complete Your upload.

After the upload, Your work will be reviewed by the library’s stuff and they will send You a confirmation e-mail, whether it was successful or not.

You can also check the phase of Your upload approval, via the main menu, under the „Feltöltött anyagok állapotának megtekintése” option.  The possible states are:

  • feltöltve” -uploaded
  • feldolgozás alatt” - processing
  • elfogadva” –accepted

    (The librarians will review, if Your upload have met the aforementioned criterias, and send You an e-mail that Your upload was successful.)

  • „elutasítva” –denied

    (In case of rejection they will send informaion on what is missing, or needs to be redone. In this case You need to upload You work again, after adjusted to the given criterias.

If any of the messages are written in hungarian language, please insert it into an online translater of Your choise, or ask for the librarians help.)

When Your upload was successfull, You need to come to the library, where You will receive your certificate. This paper will ensure to other parts of the Institution that You have fulfilled Your duty of thesis upload to the library.

We wish You best of luck for Your exams!

Team of

Budapest Business School

College of Finance and Accountancy Librarians