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Sorry, we are closed today! Is the Library open now? No, it is closed today!

Address of our Library:

6-10. Bagolyvar str., Budapest H-1148

Approach to the Library with public transport:

  • - from the direction of Puskás Ferenc Stadium with trolleys number 80, 80A or with bus number 130 to Kaffka Margit utca
  • - from the direction of Örs vezér tere with trams number 3, 62, 62A or bus number 32 to the Pongrátz Gergely tér (or to the Jeszenák János utca)
  • - from the direction of Mexikói út with tram number 3 to the Jeszenák János utca (or to the Pongrátz Gergely tér).

From any stations mentioned above you have to walk to the Bagolyvár utca (approximately 200 meters).

Enter from the direction of Bagolyvár utca through the Studenthostel of Collage of Finance and Accountancy of BBS.


Bagolyvár street