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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I extend the borrowing period?

    1. Online:
      • On your library card, under the barcode, You will find an eight digit code like this: „80067818”, with that and a password (birthday: „YYYYMMDD”), You will be able to log in the online catalogs interface.
      • As you enter, You will see your personal information and on the left side of the page you will find the „Private OPAC” menu. Below that the „Checkouts” button will show the books that are currently checked out on Your account.
      • In the end of each field you will see the „Renewal of the item” link. With this button You will be able to extend the landing period right away.
    2. E-mail:
    3. Phone: (+36-1) 469-6648
      • Please note that after the landing period expires you are charged 30,- HUF per day for every single document until You return them. The librarians are only able to satisfy your requests during office hours.
  • How can I find a book or newspaper in the library?

    1. To see if Your desired material is available in the library, You can visit the library’s catalog online

      or, as You are visiting the library you will find four computers in the front row of the readers room what have been created for this purpose only. (Also for this reason they are not connected to the internet.)

    2. Type in the title, author, year or subject word, then press enter to display the results.

      Please, pay attention to spelling! The misspellings could make it impossible to find the appropiate search results.

    3. The records hold the bibliographic information of the material and the placement of it inside the library. This will be shown in the bottom of each page in a rectangle. For example: "N 45571 or E 5818"
    4. The Shelf reference contains a letter and a number, what you will find only in the smaller Check out Room, the books and newspapers are placed in the larger Reading Room, and they cannot be lended.
    5. Newspapers are placed inside the Reading Room's back section in alphabetical order. The current issue is usually on top the previous ones are inside the self, which can be lifted to open.

      The previous year is placed in a white folder on the opposite wall of the newspaper section, even earlier published issues can be requested from the librarians.

      To make sure that the library has the paper, please check the catalog first. If the database shows positive result, but it is not placed in the aforementioned area, feel free to ask for assistance.

    6. The books on the shelves are not in alphabetical order, for space utilization reasons they are place by size "E" stands for "Extra large" and "N" stands for "Normal size". The numbers are in numerical order.
    7. There is a specific section which holds the foreign language literature only. On the other hand our collection contains some other books that are bilingual, and they can only be found by using the database.
  • What time will I get my pre- requested book?

    The pre-requested books usually arrive back in one, or two weeks. Please note that we can not give you exact information on how long this will take, because it differs on how many people are in line for pre-request and how fast the current user brings back the document.

  • How can I borrow a book?

    1. After you have completed your registration and received a library card and found the book you wanted to check out, go to the reader’s service desk and the librarians will check it out for you. Than you can use it for the maximum 14 days. You need to bring it back on that day the latest.
    2. If you forget when your book expires, you can look at your reader’s card. The librarians usually stamp the date and the number of books that you have checked out at once. When you do not see this information on your library card you can visit the library's online catalog and log in to see your check out information.
  • What should I do if there is no available copy of the book I would like to read?

    • There is a possibility to pre-request a book, when all the copies are borrowed at that given time. You have an option to reserve a copy. After the last users lending period expired You will get notified via e-mail, when they have returned the material in question.
    •  In case of pre-order the current user will be unable to extend the borrowing period.
  • What should I do if I cannot extend my borrowing period online?

    Please be aware the fact that after your time of check out expired you will not be able to extend it online.

  • Can I borrow a book that can not be found in the library's database?

    When using the library's catalog You must carefully type in the desired subject term, title or author, otherwise the catalog will say that the material is unavailable or not found.

    If the literature is new in the syllabus please inform the librarians about it, and they will do their best to purchase it as soon as possible.

    There is a possibility for interlibrary loan, when the lending conditions are being placed by the lender library. To request interlibrary loan ask for the librarians assistance.

  • How can I use the copy machine what is placed inside the library area?

    1. There is a box on the left side of the machine where you need to put your coins (Hungarian Forint).

      One page costs 15 HUF. The machine only accepts the following values: 5-10-20-50-100 HUF.

    2. Open the top of the machine and place your document on the glass in the upper left corner as it is shown on the measuring line, than push the green button to start.
  • What should I do if I need to scan a document?

    Unfortunately document scanning is not part of our current service. The following link will direct you to a site where you can get information on the scanning services of the area.

  • Where can I look at the digital collection of previous years theses?

    In the end of their studies, each student is required to submit their theses not only to the faculty office, but to the library as well in an electronic format.

    The library collects these works and provides them to it's readers to learn and develop by studying their methods of improvement.

    This database is only available in four isolated and specially secured computers in the library. These works are multilingual, but most of them are of course are written in Hungarian.

    Link to the theses information page.