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Documents of the Library


Collection of the Library

We have created our documentation and information service policy, based on the educational profile of the institution. The library collects and organises the current syllabi of the disciplines taught by the faculty, thereby supplies the professional literature and referring, further more mediates the national services.

The collections of the Library:

  • printed documents (books),
    • handbooks
    • compulsory and recommended literature
    • notes (textbooks)
  • periodicals (journals),
  • theses,
  • databases.

The library’s collection aims to cover the entire discipline and their border areas thought and researched by the faculty, in Hungarian language and a collection of the foreign language literature.

The largest portion of the collection is the 63.000 pieces book collection.
The faculties educational profile is being followed with the Hungarian language book collection, what makes the majority of the material kept in the library, this is being supplemented with the growing number of foreign literature. One part of the collection is placed in the readers area, and the other much larger portion is being stored in the basement. These books can be requested to lend by filling out a form at the help desk.

Periodicals hold the current information of the scientific fields, which is also a vital part of the collected material. Currently we can provide our readers 145 different types of periodicals both in Hungarian and in foreign languages. The latest issue of each periodical is available to read in the periodicals reading area. The bound periodicals from the last two years are also placed in here, issues older than that are located in the basement, this can be requested the same way as books, by filling out a request form. The periodicals cannot be landed, but we offer the possibility to copy single articles.

Besides the regular printed versions, we offer some titles in an electronic format.

An important part of the libraries collection is the Thesis database, with nearly 7500 electronic thesis. They can be searched and researched at a separate area with four computers.

Besides the usual paper based document providing, the library also offers to its readers the electronic services with a continuously growing range of materials.

The databases subscribed and supported by the library and contents are available for registered readers in the computers held for the users, and can be reached via the library network.

List of our journals


Hungarian journals

Adó (2000-)
Adókódex (2000-)
Adóvilág (2000-)
Firka (2017)
Gazdaság és jog
HVG Rangsor Diploma
Infokommunikáció és jog (2019-)
Könyv, könyvtár, könyvtáros (2000-)
Közgazdasági szemle (1973-)
Külgazdaság (2000-)
Magyar krónika (2015-)
Munkaügyi Tanácsadó
PC World
Pénzügyi Szemle (1973-)
Piac & Profit (2000-)
Számviteli Levelek (2001-)
Számviteli Tanácsadó
Új Magyar Közigazgatás
Vezetéstudomány (2003-)

Hungarian weeklies

Élet és tudomány

Hungarian dailies

Foreign journals